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Short & Long Triathlon 2019

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Triathlon Sunday November 17th, 2019
Start and Finish at Kas di Regatta

T-shirt pick up November 13th – 15th at Budget Marine 8 – 5 non-stop & 16th 9 - 12.
Arrive at Kas di Regatta 7:00 – 7:30 for marking 7:45 briefing and 8:00 Start.



There will be 2 distances for the triathlon. The long distance will be what is traditionally called the Sprint distance or ¼ Triathlon. This includes a swim of 750m, a Bike ride of 20km and a run of 5k. This is the distance used for most triathlons on Bonaire. Most people will finish this in 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours. An elite athlete may complete it in about an hour.

There will also be s short distance that will be half of that. 375m swim, 10k bike and 2.5k run. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone that has never attempted a triathlon to start. This is half the distance of the long route and is often called a super sprint or 1/8 triathlon distance. This can be completed within an hour, but no hurry, you may walk if you prefer. The only restriction is that the course must be completed in 2 ½ hours total.

Either course can be done as an individual, completing all three disciplines. It can also be done as a team. Teams can be three people, each doing one portion, or if someone would like to do 2 events, there can be a team of only 2 people.