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Sailing and Fishing tournament 2019

The winds and the seas cooperated to complete the Budget Marine Waterfront events day…s, which were scheduled for November 15th along with the triathlon.  In November the sailing and fishing portions of the event were postponed due to lack of wind.  On Sunday the 15th, 8 sunfish, 3 Optimists and 2 Catamarans had a sailing competition, while 12 boats went in search of the largest Tuna, Dorado or Wahoo. But, again various factors converged, so there will be yet a part three to this event coming up soon!

The winds were nice and the sunfish and opti’s completed their three morning races without any issues.  One cat experienced mechanical issues, so they had to drop out of the race.  One of the crew grabbed a sunfish to continue to sail, while the other person joined the crew of the competing Cat to sail along with the sunfish completing a nice morning on other water.  Sophie Zeegers and Fernando Simal on Magic Marine took the first and only place in the Cats. Sunfish B class was dominated by   Kyren Ogenia  followed by Arthur van Bourgonje.  The Sunfish A group was led by Yellowman, followed by Kabes with Robin Kieft in third place.  On the Optimists Silver Noordermeer took the gold, followed by Lena v/d Keuken and Gilbert Lai.  Sadly, due to school work and a child slipping on the slip way, there were not enough optimist sailors to complete our relay races in the afternoon, so prizes, Santa Hats, whistles and sunglasses were given out at lunch time. The remailing sailboats had a friendly race in the afternoon. 

The relay race was to be the highlight, so we will pick a new weekend for just that when we can have better participation and less stress.  The kids were reminded that of course studies are first place, but before you give up an hour of sports or other organized activity, be sure that you have given up an hour of phone or computer game time first.  Work hard, but keep your sports up also.  It is healthy to keep both your mind and body active.  Stay tuned for part three of the sailing!  This waterfront day, now spread over three days is sponsored by Budget Marine, E-Zone and Viktor Wijnand Graphic Design.

In the fishing tournament, it was the fish that seemed to have won! Less than half of the boats brought fish to the scales.  To promote sustainable tournament and stimulate thoughts about sustainability among the fishermen, rather than see who can catch the most total weight of fish, the newer tournaments are picking target species which are eaten regularly and are not the reef fish the tourists come to see. In this tournament, there were prizes for the Largest Tuna, Largest Wahoo and Largest Dorado.  A single large fish is all it takes.  Only 1 Dorado hit the scales at a tiny 1.8kg. for Bull fishing on the boat Fatama to win that catagory.  Rufino Winklaar brought the only Wahoo to the scales at a respectable 10.6kg only minutes before the end of the tournament.  3 boats brought in Tuna, each bigger than the last.  Beginning with Patun on Pattern with 4.4 kg, followed by Jan Emerenciana on Corker who stepped it up to one of 7.2kg, but then Bernard on Knot a Yacht topped them out with the final Tuna of 11.2kg for the win.

A nice afternoon of fish tales and fun was had by all of the fishermen gathered around the pier on to the evening.  The 5th Budget Marine Waterfront Events Triathlon, Sailing and fishing will take place in November next year.  Hopefully everything will come together to complete it in a single event filled day!