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Sailing and Fishing Tournament 2019


Not your standard race – Wait for a fun twist! Races for all ages and abilities. Boats available for rent.


Sprint (1/4) or mini Sprint distances Individual or team!


Go for the big one! Prizes for Largest Tuna, largest Wahoo and largest Dorado!

Sailing and Fishing,
Sunday December 15th
Activities centered at the
Kas di Regatta / Fisherman’s Pier

 T-shirt pick up December 9th – 13th at Budget Marine 8 – 5 non-stop. Check individual event times on their page. Entry Fee $15 per person $12 kids

Budget Marine and Indebon Team up to present Bonaire Water Front Events

The longer challenge is a ¼ triathlon which requires swimming 750 meters, biking 20km and running 5km. An elite athlete may finish this in an hour, others may claim victory to survive it in 2! The shorter version often called a mini sprint is half the distance and is great for the kids, beginners, sprinters and those who are simply not ready for the longer distance. Each is long enough to give you a taste, but short enough for most to dominate. Either event can be done individually or as a team. As we are out for the fun, the rules are simple, a team can be 2 or 3 people, as long as someone competes each segment, one person may do 2 portions.

Sailing is a fun and challenging sport. You can never go wrong getting out on the water and enjoying the Bonaire waterfront. There will be a variety of events, including Optimist, Sunfish, micro boats and a challenge between the kite and wind foilers! Sadly it Is not easy for the kites to take off in the bay to participate in our waterfront event. There will be charter boats available for sailors that would like to use a sunfish.

It would not be a complete Playa Pabou event without fishing! Besides tasting great, fish is a heart heathy protein, helping us all stay fit. In an effort to promote fishing, while promoting environmentally sustainable practices, this event Is challenging the fishermen to the largest fish rather to the most fish they can catch. Once you have that big one, you are not challenged to catch every fish there is! Prizes will be given for the larges Dorado, Wahoo and Tuna.
If you are not up for competing, come out and watch one of the events! We will have a bar, snacks and shade available.


The Rules are Simple!

Prize for the largest Tuna, Largest Dorado and Largest Wahoo. You can fish anywhere you like. Fish must return to the weight station at the fisherman’s pier in town between 1:00 and 4:00 by car or by boat. Fish must be cleaned for weighing. Ownership remains with the fisherman.